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I understand that inviteme can only do their best in incorporating your image into the final product and results are dependant on the quality of the image provided by you.

Description: Shape-cut rocket blasting towards outta space! With room to include your very own photo, this design is perfect for celebrations of all ages and types. Comes with a magnet on the reverse.

Dimensions: 110 x 150mm
Price p/card: $4.95
Price p/Envelope: $0.50

Minimum buy: 10 cards

Oooh, look! These match really well...

Blast-off - Shape-cut tag
Shape-cut tag

Helpful hints for the perfect photo

  • Shoot the photo level with your subject's face (crouch down to their level).

  • Take a bright and beautiful shot against a plain wall or other light background.

  • Your subject should look straight at the camera preferably with a smile!

  • Make sure the photo is a lovely close-up of the face with even lighting.

  • Ensure hair is neat (long curly hair works best if tied back).

  • Don't cut off your subject's face or hair keep everything within the frame.

No Good
Looking down and head cut off at the top

No Good
Blurry photo with head cut off and face hidden by her hand

Even lighting on face, full head looking at camera.