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How does a personalised stationery order work?

  1. Choose your stationery. And enter the information as the system prompts you, including card wording, quantities, shipping and billing information.
  2. You can pay using your Visa or MasterCard or, for Australian residents only, we also accept Direct Deposit payments. 
    *NB. For Direct Deposit payments our banking details are emailed to you in the order confirmation and the full amount payable must be cleared into our account before we can send to print.
  3. Immediately after you've submitted the order, you will be emailed an automatic order confirmation. This is how you know your job is waiting in the queue.
  4. You'll be emailed a screen preview of your card before printing. Within 24 hours* of having placed the order, designers at inviteme will typeset your words into the design you've chosen. *NB. The inviteme crew observe (and enjoy!) Victorian, Australia Public Holidays and in most instances our office will be unattended.
  5. You will then be emailed a screen preview of your card including your words.
  6. You need to approve the artwork before we can print. Once you've received your screen preview you need to check the details on your card and then email us back with your approval to print. It's important we get your approval because we won't print your stationery until we do. Once the artwork has been approved, your job waits for the next scheduled print batch (It's not long and in most cases happens on the same day).
  7. Hooray, your inviteme order is in the mail! After print and assembly, you'll receive your order within 7-10 business days of your final approval (more often than not, it's within 8 working days but we like to say 7-10 just in case of unexpected busy periods). If you order items other than stationery, all items may be shipped to you together or the stationery may come separately, it will just depend on how quickly we can print your stationery.
    But if you need your order sooner than that, you can opt to pay a 20% surcharge for our priority service. You can select this option during the checkout process which pushes your job to the front of the queue. Paying for a priority order ensures we work extra fast so you can receive your goods within 3-5 business days.
  8. Customising your card. It's important the information you provide to be printed on your card is accurate. This includes correct spelling of names and addresses, correct telephone numbers and celebration dates. Don't worry if you make a mistake in your initial order - we will send you a proof of your stationery prior to print and you should check this version carefully. We find this reduces the chance of errors being printed.
  9. Payment. We accept Visa or MasterCard. Australian residents can also pay via Direct Deposit. It is company policy that payment must be received in full before we can send your order. 
    You don't need to be nervous placing your order online because safe and secure online shopping is essential to inviteme. If you want to read more about our safety measures, you can visit our Terms and Conditions.
  10. Quality every step of the way. Our cards are hand-finished and each one is inspected prior to packing. We aim for consistency, but love the fact that no two bows can sit the same - making each and every personalised item of stationery unique.