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Rainbow party

Somewhere over the rainbow there is a party

Rainbow parties are everywhere but I don't care, I'm jumping on board anyway.

Amanda and I have five little ladies between us and frankly, with so many girlie themes available I can't move past this vibrant and colourful concept for my little one's 4th birthday.

The birthday girl is already pondering what she'll wear on the day and while mummy is still scratching her head on that one, let me tell you, she knows exactly how the party will look and how it will be themed.

Of course, having a patisserie chef over the road certainly has its advantages (thanks Emma, from Cakes of Our Lives) and she assures me the birthday cake is in good hands as well as some choice cupcakes and decorative biscuits she plans to bring to the table.

The introduction of colourful candy sitting proudly in inviteme glass candy jars is an easy addition to the dessert buffet. Not to mention our mini-milk bottles along with a colourful array of straws and our baking cups available in all the colours of the rainbow.

Catering aside, in a sea of lovely product I find myself overwhelmed by all of the beautiful things available for a rainbow theme.

After wading through a mountain of gorgeousness, I've settled on a few key pieces our rainbow popcorn boxes, white cake stands (hey, let the food do the colourful talking!) and rainbow bunting and paper lanterns. The opportunities are endless and it's all so exciting!

Must away, there's a rainbow of balloons waiting to be blown up.

I'll catch you on the other side of the rainbow.

Mwah, Simone x

*Draws a deep breath...*

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