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A Paper Doll 1st Birthday

A 1st birthday for a Paper Doll

Our youngest daughter is a doll, and so a Paper Doll theme for her 1st birthday it was. A lovely photograph of our little Lucy had been taken recently and we decided to design an invitation around this fab photo. Orange and pink were the colours, so we decked the halls with paper dolls, rustically tied together with string for her morning tea celebration. At this stage of her young life, our birthday girl relies on her older sisters for friends. So the ages of our guests ranged from 12 months right up to six years. This meant we needed to get a little creative with our party games - cake and balloons alone wasn't going to cut it this time around! We cut up paper doll chains and had our guests decorate them with crayons, pencils, textas, glitter glue, wool and fabric. They rolled up their sleeves, pulled out the glue pots and got busy. Let me tell yThere's nothing like a creative activity to warm up little guests.

A perfect paper doll dessert table

Our doll called for a picture perfect theme of orange and pink.

  • Orange and Pink? Well, that would call for little watermelon and rockmelon dolls, wouldn't it? Tip: we used a mini gingerbread girl cookie cutter to cut thinly sliced fruit. Too easy!
  • Fairy bread with orange, pink and white sprinkles cut out in the same shape.
  • Love heart shaped white chocolates (because we love our doll to bits).
  • As well as the usual delicious party food - pale pink marshmallows displayed proudly in tall glass apothecary jars, lolly milk bottles and of course, cupcakes.
  • We couldn't have done it without assistance from...